Ultimate Guide to Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Updated: Jan 16

With the holiday season fast approaching, and couples getting engaged, what better time to start thinking about your upcoming #outdoorwedding?

We will go over some of the biggest parts that get overlooked when planning an outdoor wedding. Such as:

1. Let your guests know that it will be an outdoor wedding - whether it is the ceremony or reception. Even if it's the middle of July, let them plan ahead. If you are having a #springwedding or #fallwedding, letting your guests know ahead of time could mean the difference between your guests freezing the night away or dancing the night away.

2. Plan for all types of weather! When having a #springwedding or #fallwedding, why not look into bringing in heaters to keep your guests warm? Another great idea is having scarves and blankets available. If you are having an outdoor #summerwedding, why not bring in fans or air conditioning units to stay cool? As well, have water or other cold beverages ready to go upon guests arrival. This is where you can get creative with a flavoured beverage.

3. Getting married on your family property? You probably do not want your guests roaming through the house looking for the powder room. There are some great options available including luxurious portable washrooms. You will want at least one washroom available per 40 guests.

4. When you are doing an outdoor wedding, you are more than likely going to be bringing everything in - including tables, chairs, linens, place settings, etc. You want to make sure you know who will be setting everything up. Some rental companies may do it for an extra fee. Setup is likely not part of the terms you agreed upon with your wedding planner. Know ahead of time so that you can plan accordingly to let your bridal party and family know if they are needed to lend a hand.

5. It's power time. When having an outdoor wedding, you may not realize just how much power you will need. Think about it, you have a DJ/band, microphones for those heartfelt speeches, and lighting (once it gets dark). You want to make sure your guests stay safe by being able to see where they are going. Confirm with all your vendors about how much power they will need, and then look into generators. You don't want to worry about power supply on your special day.

6. Communication is key! If your ceremony and reception are taking place in different spots, make sure your guests know where they're going. Why not create some fun signs to point your guests in the right direction? It also helps to have some of the bridal party there to greet your guests. If you don't have a #weddingplanner to help with the finer details, make sure your vendors know where everything is going to be - from where you will be getting ready, to where the florists needs to drop off the #bouquets and #centerpieces.

7. Finally let's talk #weddinginsurance. You are bringing in a lot of items to make your wedding day special. Make sure everything is covered by insurance including your wedding cake, gifts, photos, videos, etc. Enjoy your day knowing that you have all your bases covered.

Now that you have thought of everything, make sure you enjoy all the time and effort you put into making your wedding day happen! Get those special photos in, eat that meal you have been dreaming about since the tasting, and dance the night away into your newlywed life!





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